Sublimation printing is a printing process for transferring motifs to a variety of materials, for example T-shirts or ceramic mugs, using a carrier material. For this purpose, special sublimation printers and sublimation inks are used.

Sublimation printing is the crème de la crème of the shirt
world. It never, ever cracks, fades or peels. Sublimation isn’t just a standard
printing process. It involves an advanced technique that heats ink to such a
high temperature, that it then transforms into gas. This is an art form, for
your artwork, which our sublimation t shirt printing is testament to. This
printing process leads to apparel that holds on to its bold colors, for longer
– wash after wash after wash. It’s impressive stuff, really! 


You want detail? You got it!! As you can see from our
portfolio, sublimation nails it. In short, if you want a luxe look and
breathtaking graphics, this is you go-to print option. Our sublimation t shirt
printing is brought to life on a wide array of fabrics and products, for all
kinds of brands and wearers – like vests, tees, and hoodies, polyester and fleece – for guys and girls,
kids and adults. 


All our products are retail ready guaranteed. We’re nothing
if not competitive on quality and price. In all honesty, dye sublimation
printer for t shirts is the clear choice of printing if you’re going all-out to


We will make sure that your artwork is smooth, impactful,
and pretty perfect. We only ask for a minimum order of 10 pieces, whether you
want hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, tank tops.  


To provide our clients with the highest quality prints we
use top notch equipment because our clients simply deserve it!  

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